Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Worshiping Creation

By: Rachel Martin

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about how people can easily put the things God has made above God Himself.  I have had to.  I started a 6 month course on herbal healing and let me tell you..... Some of those folks are a bit nuts.  As I read through how God's creation can help heal us or in some cases poison us I can't help but be in awe.  For example: The compound in aspirin (that originally came from a plant) that relieves headaches has to be buffered so that it does not cause stomach problems.  However when you use the whole plant in say a tea you don't.  God's creation is truly amazing.  He knew that we would get headaches and formed a plant that would help us with that!  God's amazing creation is not the subject of this blog but I can't help but share the crazy love of God to do something like that for us.

It is easy as I go though this learning process to mock the nonsense that I sometimes have to wade though.  (I choose specifically a program that did not have as much as most.)  I outright laugh at some of the things people do to lift nature above the creator of it.  Last night while studying I got to thinking about how lost these people were and it just made me sad.  They literally think that these things just showed up here on earth for no reason and worship them as if they were a god in many ways.

I didn't really think about it at first and just sort of shrugged it all off.  It is easy to be critical while sitting in my house reading someone else's work.  It is easy to say "well I know that God created plants for our use as he did animals and water and the earth and such for us to steward well and use and these people are just not as enlightened as us".  Then I got to thinking yeah I am laughing at this stuff and thinking these people are nuts but if I really think about it we ALL do the same thing.  If you give it a second I bet there is something that you my dear reader put above God.  Maybe not in the same way as the people in my plant classes, but it is there.  When we don't allow God into every part of our heart we are putting something above Him.

I know I have been and am still on occasion guilty of this!  We all are.  Maybe you are a workaholic and tell yourself it is never enough. What about holding onto your feelings and not allowing God to help you process though current or past hurts?   What about holding onto grudges that allow you to stay angry for years.  Kids are a big one I have seen a ton in my past line of work.  People are so fixated on getting their kid to succeed that they push and cajole and become crazy people.  They put God at the side so their child can succeed.  Don't we all know that God love's our children more then we do?  Our work and hobbies keep us so busy we don't have time for church. Fear of rejection and embarrassment keep us from speaking out boldly (in kindness) about what we believe.  In this day and age of hatred against the things of the Bible that is a common one.

Now listen to me when I say this.....  No one is perfect this side of heaven, we all struggle and that is OK.  People put missionaries up on a pedestal. However the truth that most missionaries won't tell you is that we all struggle like everyone else.  I have fallen into ALL of the above things not just in the past but ON the mission field.  An idol that many missionaries struggle with is that their ministry becomes a God too.  Making themselves look good to the detriment of others so that they can get the funding they need. Let me assure you your pastor struggles with idols, your missionary struggles with idols, your Sunday school teacher struggles with idols.  So don't go thinking I am trying to be high and mighty.  Mostly when I write these blogs I am preaching to myself too.  Let's all take a minute to step back and look at our life and the idols we create.

We all laugh at folks in some odd cult worshiping the moon or something or even just a church that puts some odd doctrine ahead of God. When we roll our eyes and shake our heads at them, think.  Take a second to look into your heart and think about what you are afraid to loose.  Exodus 34:17 simply says "don't make any idols".  When the bible was being written I am guessing they didn't think to include things like; don't make your cell phone an idol, don't make your kids soccer game your idol, don't make your possessions an idol, don't make your spouse your idol.  The bible is littered, however, with tons of warnings about not making idols.  The deal is that in the end anything other then God just lets us down and keeps us from living the fullest, healthiest, most joy-filled life that we can.


  1. This is very well put, Rachel. You know where I am with religion... But this is good writing.

  2. Great, insightful, deep thinking.