Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December Newsletter

By: Rachel Martin

We are smack dab in the middle of our busy season so here it is short and sweet what went on last month.

In addition to regular ministry Dan left for a week and a half to go to Sinaloa with our local church.  He was gone over Thanksgiving and Arch and I spent it together with some friends.  I taught in the morning and the spent the afternoon with some missionary friends and finally in the evening served food with the folks from Casa De Maria (the skill center) for the townsfolk. Arch and I had a great day.  I got the website redone so you can head over there to take a look if you are so inclined.  I just streamlined a bunch of stuff but it took a very long time.  I also started blogging again so make sure you check Facebook or our blog page for new blogs every Tuesday.  If you would like the links to those let us know and we can sign you up for our monthly newsletter.

Dan had a super time in Sinaloa.  They put up the roof of a church they have been slowly working on over the past few missions trips.  They brought food and clothes to the people there.  They also used the money that comes from my dance classes and our programs to help fund the trip.  Dan said it was a productive trip, people got saved and the churches really appreciated the support.  If you would like to see some pictures from Dan's trip let us know and we can sign you up for our monthly newsletter.

Prayer and Praise:

Thanks again all that donated and prayed for the van we have been using it take kids to dance and has made life a lot easier when we haul things to and form the places we teach.  We were given a really nice fake Christmas tree by a friend that was getting rid of theirs. It may seem like a small thing but in a place where it is kind of hard to get a tree it is a really nice addition to our home for the holidays.  Dan went and came back safely and the trip went good thanks to all that prayed for him. My friend is coming to visit in a few days and I am really looking forward to our time together.

We would love prayer for the Christmas program in two weeks on December 16th and the rehearsals before.  We would love that people would see Jesus and know why we do what we do and that the kids feel a sense of accomplishment. Please pray for our health over the next two weeks.  One of our busiest times of year (Christmas Program) coincides with cold and flu season.  Please pray for us over the Christmas break when we work on next year's schedule and hope to finally make some contacts and help with the refugee crisis.  We have had a very hard time finding anyone to give us contacts for those on the front line so we would love prayer about that too.  We have a young lady coming to stay for two week at the beginning of January and would love prayer for her visit. She is coming to help with dance and learn about different ways to serve Jesus though the arts. 

Blessing to you all.

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