Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Christian Herbalist

An encouragement to anyone interested in the art of natural healing.

By: Rachel Martin

I have recently been researching and contemplating the idea of doing some schooling on natural, total body, wellness.  I am already a certified Christian Councilor and Life Coach so that leaves natural healing to tackle and man is it a big one.  I have been looking into herbalist classes, food as healing, anatomy, and other things of that nature.  Here is what I found really disappointing. As I looked around on the internet for information I found one blog and one website devoted to the Christian Herbalists.  All the really great programs and the rest were filled with other garbage either leaning to or outright occultist.  I figured I would write my thoughts down so there would be at least one more bit of information out there for Christians and natural healing.   

I firmly believe we are called to be good stewards of our planet.  I believe we are to recycle, not litter, grow plants, have car's with low emissions and things of that nature.  I think God made it very clear.  If you have ever read Genesis it is pretty obvious.  Try reading Genesis 1:26 & 28 and 2:15 just to name a couple verses. For some people though what we call being good stewards can become the ultimate and something to be worshiped.  I was truly struck dumb by some of the things I read while trying to find information and schooling. I read some information about thanking the grandmother plant by dancing for it when you were foraging.  I had SO many questions.  How do you find the grandmother plant? What if she is dead? What if she was not cool with you picking her grandson?  What kind of dancing are we talking about? Hip hop, Irish step, tap? Yet...... I digress.

I am a Godly women, I do not have an issue with drifting into the occult, I can easily distinguish between nonsense and truth, but unfortunately the world has the reigns of the schools of natural healing.  I hope there are other people like me out there.  I have met a very few.  I would love it if the Christian's of the world would take back this area of natural healing and herbs.  God created them for a purpose so why have we allowed this to go unrecognized by the Christian community?  If anyone should be on this bandwagon it is Christians. God gave us doctors to heal, God gave us prayer to heal, also gave us plants to support and heal our bodies. 

In John 17:13-19 Jesus is in prayer and prays for his disciples, that they go out into the world and that God would help them along the way.  It became so clear to me that God has called us to be in the world.  We so often focus on not being of the world that we forget that we are called to be in it.  Knowing your Bible and beliefs and stepping into the world with confidence is part of what God asked of us!  Shouldn't I, as a mature believer, step confidently into the world if it is the only place to learn what I need and take that information to believers and anyone else I can?  Along the way should I not be sharing my beliefs?  In my book it seems like a win win all around.

Our world is a mess. I get that I am going to be dealing with a lot of garbage.  I wish that I could just focus on the schooling aspect and not have to divert energy to ignoring the garbage that goes along with this. However in the end I think it will be worth it.  I hope that, like so many things I advocate for, weather it be positive body image, or human right to end slavery, or preforming arts as part of life.  That this too will eventually catch the eye of Christians and we can start speaking out about it.  Total mind and body health with what God gave us on earth is important and who better to lead the way then people that have the answer to sickness of the soul.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018


By: Rachel Martin

To be totally honest I never really understood 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for us).  I mean there is a lot of garbage that goes on in this world and there have been a lot of things that have happened to me personally that have been not so great.  It was not until I moved to a third world country that I really got the meaning of this verse.

Once I came here to Mexico I started to notice how easy it became for me to be thankful for little things. Thanks in large part to the easy going thankful nature of the Mexican people around me.  I was grumbling about our new water pump in our apartment complex. It has cut the hot water supply down to a 3 minute shower (if we are lucky).  My husband pointed out that we had water and that has not always been the case.  Mexico has taught me that nothing is guaranteed and nothing is outside of God's knowledge. I think also being older has given me better perspective. I can clearly look back and see how the things that were horrible in my life always had a purpose. It makes it easier to be thankful for both the little things and the garbage that comes my way.  Being here reminds me to keep my eyes open for the way God might be working.

We recently had squatters move into the house we were going to buy and could not get them out.  We  then we were not able to move into another house that we had hopes for because of government issues.  This type of thing has happened to us 8 times since moving here.  Buying a house seems out of reach.  The other day I realized, while thinking about thankfulness, that God has used me in so many ways in this little apartment complex that I live.  Don't get me wrong I think financially and in many other ways buying a house is still for us some day if God has it.  However if I look at this though the lenses of "what does god have planned" I can't be anything but thankful.

I have been privileged to be able to work and help in a country where this part of my life has become very clear.  I don't always like what comes my way but God did not tell us to "like" everything.  He told us to be thankful for everything.  There is a massive difference there.  We can all acknowledge that things are bad and still be thankful that we even know what good is.   For example: I have found that I can hate the situations that have brought the girls from the restoration home into that home.  I have also found that I can be thankful because now I get to take part in their restoration and and their walk with Christ.  I can also acknowledge that when Christian morals break down, it is the vulnerable that suffer. This is a fallen world and if we "liked" everything it would be a problem.

Thankfulness to God in all things "because it is His will" is just another way to surrender your life to Him.  It is an acknowledgment that He is in control and has plans for your life that you can't see.  It is a delighting in the little things.  It is an enjoyment of the 3 minute shower because you have water.  It is looking at every person in your life and realizing that their journey may have been hard but whatever it was it has brought them to you to love in some way. It is looking for the silver lining and thanking but not necessarily "liking".  In the end it is just admitting that we make crummy Gods and He know's what we need.