Friday, April 14, 2017

Tips for success!


How to calm down mental frenzy and complete tasks.
by Daniel Martin


I.                     You are in charge!

Realize that you are in control of yourself. No one else makes your decisions. You chose every choice you have in life, and no one else! Free will is a gift, and we should give it back to God; but our decisions belong to us, whether we want it or not.


II.                  Don’t feel threatened by your thoughts!

Remember, thoughts are just thoughts. They might affect our decisions, but they are not our decisions. Our subconscious like to fire out our perceptions of reality; not the reality itself. If your uncertainty seems nightmarish and you keep having fears of perceived consequences like deadlines, failed relationships, or dire consequences; keep in mind that fears are like an alarm clock, you shouldn’t keep pushing snooze, but it is only doing the job of making noise. Fears are not the reality of what is actually going on. They can serve you to draw your attention to things that need attention, but after that, don’t sweat it. You are probably blowing things out of proportion anyway.


III.                Take time to take care of yourself!

Is there a reason for your feelings of anxiety? Are you taking care of your physical needs? We all want to be more than human, but everyone has limitations. Are you adequate rest times? Are you sleeping? Are you eating enough food, and drinking enough water? Are there any other things you are putting off just to get things done? Is this time to take a short break to gather yourself and get back to it?


IV.                Keep to the plan you start.

 Don’t allow yourself to deviate from your intended goals. Go with your gut. If you started with something, you might re-evaluate its importance, but you probably where heading the right direction. Better to have one thing done, and done well; then a dozen things half finished. When passion for the thing leaves evaluate its long term importance. Keep going even if you know you should, even if the finish line is a good distance. Trust God, and trust your instincts! Most of the time the reward is worth the distance. It takes perseverance that goes long beyond fancy, to achieve anything worth having in life.


V.                   Stay Positive!

Don’t interpret setbacks and distractions as failures.  Mentally reframing setbacks in a positive vein allows you to keep your progression in forward momentum. Just think, you are learning patience in the process of long-term successes. Many times the path from point A. to point B. involves allot of twists and turns. Refraining interruptions as a part of the journey to the goal rather than failure is a key to success!


VI.                Turn mountains into mole hills!

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the size of the project, or the amount of the things you must accomplish. Everything in life you can do in life, must be taken sequentially (one step at a time). If it seems large; what would be the first step? After you have figured that out, what’s next? Keep going you’ll get there!


VII.              Remember: Thoughtfulness trumps frenzy.

(You may think, just starting something and working your very hardest is the key to success. While you need that drive and passion to accomplish your desires, or complete tasks: if you don’t think holistically about the approach, you will keep rounding the same corners and be frustrated by your attempts. Ask yourself some important questions like: How important is what I am doing? Is there a better way to do what I am doing? Is there a more efficient way to go about what I am doing? What tools will I need and what information before I start this task? If you go about with this kind of thought process, you have a better springboard for success and are less likely to burn out easy.

VIII.            Rejoice!

Take time to celebrate! Reward yourself for even a small victory! No one else may appreciate what you have accomplished, but it doesn’t matter. Take the time to celebrate! You are teaching yourself to take ownership of the process. Thank God for the victory, and take moments to bolster your accomplishments to yourself. It’s healthy! You will find joy in the little things when you take healthy pride in your victories.
(disclaimer) I am not an expert in applying all of this but am learning  the art of practicing these tips myself.  

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