Thursday, February 23, 2017

My thoughts on the Bible and Politics.

Recently I was a part of a pro- life march outside of a planned-parenthood clinic. I was vocally insulted by megaphone and told that I hated women, (Something that is not true, and that I will write a blog on later). I also had Jehovah’s witnesses come to my door recently and in the conversation mentioned that Christians shouldn’t be involved in Politics.  Too add to this I have Christian friends deeply rooted in political view points, that mention the Christian ethics of both the far right, and the far left. This blog is coming out of those experiences and is my personal view on these matters!
C.S. Lewis famously said“[The devil] always sends errors into the world in pairs--pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one.” In this case that couldn’t be any closer to the truth.
When we espouse a specific party of government we espouse the views of that party whether intentionally or unintentionally. Currently we are seemingly being hemmed into having to decide between a leader who says, “When you are as rich as I am you can grab any ones pussy you want” who also has had two ex- wives and is married to a former nude model. In every way he is outwardly a negative example of how a man should be, yet is pro-life. In the far left, we have something worse in moral representation: it purposely blurs the lines between the dignity of women, and the value of human life. One party values the unborn but has at its current head a narcissistic megalomaniac. The opposite side seemingly upholds a woman’s ability to be a voice and valued at the cost of human life its-self.  As Christians we should not be confused with either of these two groups but should have our own distinguished unified voice. Our voice is separate because our opinions are formed by scripture rather than our sinful culture.  Both the right and the left are using scripture to support the positive side of their views. Human dignity and the right to live are founded on scripture. You cannot find an adequate reason for either of these virtues outside of the Bible.
 I have recently seen my Christian friends sending messages to each other about one issue or the other from both sides of these opposite political parties.  As the church we should be a part of politics. We should be invested in the concerns of state, because if we do not, we will lose our ability to influence our culture on its Biblical basis for law and order. Let us all be careful, however, that everyone knows that the side we stand on is the Biblical side. We must speak openly about the political abuse of God’s moral scriptural mandates, regardless of the party, or the surrounding ethics.
If we (the church) do not hold up the scriptural standard for ethics in law, no one will! If no one else does, it’s also not their fault, because, it’s not their responsibility. As doctrinally sound Bible believing Christians, it is our responsibility!  We are the only true check and balance for our national moral temperature.
  We have to be more of a voice, politically, for the benefit of everyone. We must be bold enough though to stand up and stand on our own. We must be confrontational to all views that are opposed to scripture being the basis for moral law; regardless of the political party, or their stated Christian stance.
 My whole life I have heard politically the twisting of scripture for gains of self- interest and the manipulation of the populace for the sake of either political party.  If people quote the Bible as true from the office of the state, they must be held accountable by the church the same way anyone, using such texts inside the church would be held accountable. The other option would be for us to ask them not to use our text. The Bible must be taken as it was intended when it was written or it will lose its validity.
Remember Jesus in the wilderness. The Devil quoted scripture to Him to help convince Him to choose against the desires of the Father. The Devils quotations were out of context, but still God’s words none the less. People, who don’t follow Jesus, have no problem quoting Him.  Quoting the Bible lends a seeming credibility to the speaker regardless of their true worldview. Hungry wolves never come into the pen announcing that they want to gobble up the sheep! Often times in the current generation they also have an inability to understand that gobbling sheep by mangling scripture is morally wrong!
You cannot take scripture out of context, and keep the integrity of the meaning.  Our very definition of moral standards is dramatically different then scriptures intent of the same moral principles. Historically; people in power, who do not believe in the validity of the Biblical scriptures, have used our scriptures, to put in place laws and ordinances that are opposed to the values in scripture. That’s how you end up with a Nazi Germany. (Don’t think we couldn’t find the same thing in the United States, regardless of the side of the political party). If you take scripture out of context, and compromise its integrity, for the selfish interests involved in any political group, you empty the Bible of its law defining power. It has to stay as the standard for morality. If the Bible as it was intended to be taken is not the standard for morality, what people are left with are false moralities and arbitrary absolutes. To quote, my beloved Creation professor Dr. Donald Chittick , “ The only alternative to God’s words, are man’s opinions!”
We live in an age of arbitrary standards today! That is how you can stand up for the unborn and seen as someone who hates women. The Biblical rhetoric has purposely been changed, so that it can keep things that benefit politics on a monetary standard in place.  Follow the money and you will find a host of scriptures mangled in its path in either political camp. 
In short, Christians need to be a strong part of politics in the United States of America. Christians also should be careful what side they take up because of the negative attributes expressed by a particular party. It doesn’t matter if the dirt is at the top or bottom of the glass, we can’t give people dirty water to drink or they will get sick.  We are the holders of the clean water: The Bible in its meant integrity. Let us defend the values of the scriptures, regardless of who espouses which parts of them.    

Thank you and may God bless you
Daniel Martin