Saturday, October 29, 2016

November Newsletter

Trip to the beach with Poppie.
October was a productive and busy time for us.  Daniel’s parents were here for a visit.  Because of the weather in Oregon they ended up staying here with us an extra few days.  It was too bad they had to delay their trip home for their sake but we were glad to have them here a bit longer.  We had a really nice time and they got to see a lot more of the country this time as well as get a bit of rest.

Kaitlyn and David at giving away toys
While Dan’s parents were here on the extended part of their trip David (Dan’s dad) and I along with Kaitlyn the nurse from Siloe’ clinic went to Rancho Viejo for part of a day.  It is a place about 45 minutes from our house up the canyon East on a dirt road.  It is a small farming community where they grow food for both the US and Mexico.  I went to take pictures of the children that live there for Christmas gifts, as an out reach that the Clinic does.  We get the pictures and then they send them to people in the US willing to buy gifts for the kids.  This area is so poor that many live in three sided shacks or have palm leave roofs.  All the children were barefoot and all the adults were at work in the fields with the children at home on their own.  Most don’t’ attend school because of the lack of transportation. It is a beautiful but heartbreaking place to be.

Kaitlyn and I looking for kids at Rancho Viejo.
I took some little toys, children’s books, gum and bibles with us.  I told the kids if they smiled that they could take something from the bag of stuff and they all smiled and were delighted with the hand me down toys and the adults really appreciated the Bibles.  We stopped at one little trailer to ask if there were any children there and instead got an elderly man in need of care.  He had a nasty infection on his foot and Kaitlyn took a look and saw that he needed to come into the clinic and directed him to do so.  I left him with my little spray bottle of “hand sanitizer” which is vinegar, water and tea tree oil and instructed him to use it twice a day.  Our hope is that he will use it so the infection does not spread.  I hope to go back sometime soon to bring him shoes.  He is all alone and was wearing shoes that didn’t match with the laces undone because of the pain in his foot.  I got his size and like I said hope to go back sometime.

Clara, Nutcracker and The Trees.
Eight large packages arrived in the mail for us.  Well techniquely I have to go to the states to pick them up but you get the point.  For two weeks our front room has looked like an explosion of tutus.  I can’t even believe what a blessing has been given to my students.  I will be doing a lot of sewing and taking and letting out for the next few weeks but it is SO much better than having to buy it all.  In reality we would not be doing this without the help.  Now there is very little let to buy in order to outfit all the girls.  The costumes are amazing and I love how God provided though the Oregon Coast Dance Center and Traveling Tutus.  The girls at Casa De Luz (the Primo Tapia Day Care) did their dances in front of the whole Day Care in costume and they all just beamed with pride.  This is going to have such a profound effect on the kids and the community, thanks to all that have prayed and supported us though this.  A few sets, props, and a touch more costumes are we are ready to go!

Dan’s guitar classes are going well also.  He is working on the song Silent Night for the Skill Center Christmas program.  There are two girls in his class in particular that are doing very well.  They are American’s but are sort of stuck here after their father passed away and left their mother (an Italian) in Mexico with no papers.  This is for sure a highlight for them and they always leave class smiling.
Dan with a student at Casa De Luz
I did a photo shoot of a fellow missionary friend here.  He is a retired missionary and has just finished writing a book.  He needed a good head shot for the book and for marketing stuff so I happily obliged.  Dan took a couple of trips to the states to get costumes and spent some time one day with a pro-life group hanging out and encouraging them.  

Dan met a women when out and about doing evangelism one day in serious need of a blanket.  Dan has tried to approach her a few times before but she is so out of it that she screams whenever anyone comes near.  We went through our linen closet and took her a blanket and pillow and Dan left it near her and let her know it was for her.  We got to celebrate a birthday at a local children’s play park with Archie’s one close friend.  It was a super fun day although long and hot. Next Tuesday I will have my turn leading the ladies Bible Study group I am a part of.  At first I did not want to lead but this week’s topic spoke to me so I am actually looking forward to that.  My health has not been real great this month so Dan has been taking over a lot of things and so he has been extra busy.  Interestingly he and Archie are sick right now too so it has been and interesting few days.  Life and ministry goes on as regular, dance, music, discipleship, evangelism, Bible studies, working hard to get everything done in a timely manner when even things like washing produce is an all-day project.

Our little valley of La Mision.
Prayer:  Monday we go to the Mexican Consulate in San Diego to try to get our legal residency status.  This is our third attempt so please pray that I have everything in order and that we actually get to step number two of the four step process.  Also please pray that we would all be well for the trip.  Like I mentioned my health has had some downs this month, prayers for that are appreciated.  Archie has been suffering from allergies pretty bad.  We would love prayer for him on that.  We have a few personal things to make some decisions on nothing huge just too many little things to list out.  Please pray for wisdom and the ability to sort through our thoughts and make good decisions.  Please pray for boldness as we go about our life and ministry that we might be people who present the gospel and do it as God want’s it done.

The Martins

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Giving Everything to God

By: Rachel Martin

There are numerous places in the Bible it tells us to “Love the Lord your God with all your might, all your heart and all your soul.  It tells us to love God with everything not just some things.  It tells us to give him our heart which speaks to service and loving others.  It also speaks to following Christ and helping others and loving Him enough to want to be like Him.  It tells us to love Him with all our might.  Everything we have our strength and passions to use them for Him.  It speaks to holding fast to His teachings and stand for His principals.

Here is where it gets tricky though.  It also says to love God with all our soul.  The deepest part of who we are.  Our soul is the everything of who we are.  The good and the bad.  It is in essence telling us to give over those sins onto which we hold so dearly.  I know I am guilty of this as well.  I claim things that are not Godly and hold onto them for dear life.  I use to be a worrier and always tried to control my life to the ninth degree.  Until God took it all and taught me that it was a part of me He wanted.  I hate it when I see people heading to this same place and I think “God’s gonna take that if you don’t give it up and it isn’t going to be pretty”.  It is so much easier to listen to the gentle wooing of Christ saying “I want you to you to love me with your soul, I want to shine my light in those dark places you hold onto” instead of having to rip those things away from you.

Christ wants everything, that includes our soul.  Let us not be people that claim things and be proud of them when Christ want’s those things gone.  If He truly wants us to love Him with our very soul then should we not be giving every little dark spot of our soul to Him to shine light into?  Let us not be people who claim that we cannot change, who claim that it is “too hard” who claim things as “part of who we are” when they are in no way Godly.  Let us always let Christ into every part of our soul so that we may grow and change and become who He wants us to be.

If you take a moment to think about it those things that you claim are a part of you, Christ wants those too.  Let us always be Christians who take a step back and take a look at our lives and see if there is something we need to be giving to Christ.  I am not just talking about the biggies here either, major sins or the fact that our prayer lives could use some work.  I am talking about little things that the world tells us are righteous, short term anger, workaholics, control freaks, doubters, unloving of those who have wronged you, gossips.  There are a million little things we all do and think nothing of it.  When you actually let go and give God every part of you and allow Him access to even the things that you think you can’t live without.  There is freedom. Peace and freedom like you can’t even believe.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Newsletter

Back to School October Newsletter

This is the simple version of our latest snail mail newsletter.  For the real deal with pictures and more info let us know your address and we will send your our quarterly snail mail newsletter.  

September started and, like most of you, we went back to school.  Archie started back to Pre. School at The Sunflower House, I started back to school teaching dance and Dan started teaching guitar and Bible Study again.  We are back to our regular ministry and busy but loving it.

In addition to Pre. School we also home school Archie as they obviously do not teach English reading or writing and numbers.  He is learning both and it slows him down a bit but in the long run we think it will be really great for him to know both Spanish and English.  Even though we are supporting the school by purchasing cleaning supplies Archie still has gotten sick twice.  Although the sickness could have come from any place as he tags along with us on most of our ministry.  He deals with it all in stride and usually has a super happy disposition.

I am now teaching 10 classes a week not including the solo practices in prep for the Nutcracker.  My favorite by far is the classes at Door of Faith Orphanage.  They have so few people in their lives that are just there for them.  Everyone else is taking care of the running and constant needs of the orphanage.  It was really brought home to me this week just what these kids deal with.  I was asking where one girl was and it turned out she had been sent back to her abusive parents.  The other girls all looked sad.  Please pray that this above all classes I am able to make it to. I was sick this week and only able to do half a class.  We joked about disappointing the orphans but it is more than that. If I don’t come to class it seems to them just another person that has left and let them down.  They ask constantly if I am coming back on Friday and squeal with delight when they are told that I am.  I could no longer stand the sad sweet eyes of the little girls (ages 3-6) that stand in the doorway when their older sisters are taking dance and added my 10th class of the week.  I love that too and will be helped by the Siloe nurse intern Kaitlyn, she will be here until her husband gets back from overseas in February.  You may remember us talking about her in past newsletters.  Her Spanish is far better than mine and she is an incredible help.  The Nutcracker is being planned and Lisa from Oregon Coast Dance Center is graciously sending me a bunch of costumes and Traveling Tutus is also sending me a bunch of stuff.  I have ordered a few things myself.  This is going to be something the people of this tiny little town have never seen so I am super excited to bring the program to the community.

Dan is teaching 3 guitar classes, working with two older men helping with in home care, teaching Friday night Bible Study to the intern gals, playing with the worship band, teaching a few young men and doing street evangelism / music / homeless bags.  The intern Bible Study is going great.  The girls really appreciate the teaching and the home cooked meals. Thanks to all that prayed for the girls that needed us to come and be a part.  They are seeking us out for counsel and discipleship, words cannot express how much we enjoy this part of our ministry. One girl in particular has seemed to adopt us so to speak.  She is over here a lot on weekends and also for the Sunday night neighborhood fire pit cookout we host at our home.  That is a time for us to relax but also to just be part of people’s lives, saved and unsaved all find a welcome spot around the camp fire.

We are slowly getting some parts of Dan’s Evangelism class on video.  I really am overwhelmed by the enormity ofthe project, but we have started.  I take part in a ladies Bible Study on Tuesday nights and that started up again last week.  We had some horrible weather caused by a tropical storm a bit south of us that put us all on hold for about two days because of impassable roads.  Dan got stung by a Bark Scorpion.  About 48 hours of rest and he was better.  They can be very dangerous especially to kids so we are taking loads of precautions around the house now.  Trust me I have gotten every opinion and read every article I can on them and how to get rid of them.  My health continues to be a bit of a rollercoaster but the good days are more than the bad right now.  Dan got to work with a physical therapist from England for the two guys he cares for and that was very helpful.  We are still teaching at Casa De Luz the free day care in the next town over.

We went to LA this weekend to take Barbara Keller’s chair to her niece. Dan met and talked to different people here and there and spread the good news. Our neighbor is teaching us Spanish again, which is a huge blessing.  We have given ourselves a day off and so have been spending Saturday’s here and there exploring more of Mexico which has been really fun.  Daniel’s parents come for a visit in a few days and we are really looking forward to that.  We bought 4 chairs for the pre-school.  Some of the kids were sitting on folding lawn chairs and falling off of them all day long so we took care of that.  They still need about 6 more chairs but we can only buy so many with the budget we have. As always there are tons of little things we do to help out the ministries and people here and can only give you a few so  those were the highlights. 

Encouragement   Did you know that spreading the gospel is super easy for anyone and everyone?  We have included in this newsletter a gospel tract that we hope will encourage you to spread the gospel.  Consider giving it to someone or even just leaving it someplace where people might pick it up.  Park benches, break rooms, public restrooms, airports are all great spots to leave a gospel tract.  You never know who will pick one up.

Needs   We are working on costuming the kids for the Nutcracker.  If you would like to help to by doing some sewing or purchasing some very inexpensive costume pieces let us know and we will give you details on what is needed.

Prayers   As always we would love continued prayer for our health and safety as well as wisdom and courage.  October 31st at 11:00am we go to the San Diego Mexican Consulate for our 3rd try at getting our legal residency for Mexico.  Please pray this time it actually goes though and smoothly.  Coming up we have Dan’s parents visit. Prayer for travel mercies would be great.  Archie’s school teacher is hoping to go to school to become a certified teacher.  She has to raise about $600 a month in order to do that.  Please pray that people will be generous and she find supporters.  Our church does a mission’s trip to Sineloa Mexico twice a year.  They are very short of funds for their November trip so we ask for prayers that God sends the funds they need to make it happen.  

If you are interested in financially or in prayer partnering with Morning by Morning Ministries contact our treasurer at or 503-842-3999.  You can donate online with paypal and you can find the links on our Facebook and Blog page.  If you want to keep updated make sure you sign up for our  snail mail and e-mails newsletters, check us out on Facebook and don’t forget to read our weekly Wednesday blog at

Monday, October 10, 2016

Misplaced Passion

By: Rachel Martin

Right now, everywhere I look, I see stuff about the presidential elections.  There is one side saying this and one side saying that.  I see people pointing fingers and laying blame.  I see one side saying they will fix this or that and the other saying that its nonsense.  I see it everywhere I look and I don’t even live in the US.  I am not here to say one side is right and one side is wrong but, I am pointing
out the all-consuming one track mind we have right now.  I am no better than anyone, I watch the debates, I care about where my homeland is headed and I am genuinely interested in the train wreck that is the 2017 presidential campaign.

What I am seeing though is this “we have something exciting to talk about and fight for” attitude.  People are taking hardcore stances for one candidate or the other or even some hardcore stances on none at all.  It’s all anyone can talk about.  What I find disturbing in all of this is how self-centered this is in the big picture of the world.  Did we forget that there is still homelessness, starving people, children in need of help, and stories of woe that would make this election look like a drop in the bucket?  I have them, ask me any time and I can tell you dozens of stories about the horror of real life that would make you weep.  Why are we not up in arms about these things?  Why is it, that all we can talk about and focus on is is the United States election? 

"Washing" machine in a
 third world country.
It appears to me that in our, do what we want, get what we want, unfulfilled lives we are hungering for something real.  This election makes us feel like we can make a difference and that there is something real going on when we already have something real going.  The truth is that there is not much we can do about this election nonsense but vote, but every day we can make a real difference in our world and we don’t.  I am not downplaying the election and its importance, but I am saying, where is this kind of support and talk and outrage at the real things going on in this world?  When I look at all the people that have supported people like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Facebook and can’t seem to once in a while re-post a blog or a newsletter or a prayer from us here in the mission field it grates on my nerves.  Not just for me but for my fellow missionaries that serve here and work in the trenches of a world that is in dire need of the gospel.  While America throws money, time, and energy on something that in the end “is the lesser of new evils” there are people all around the world and in your home town that dying.
Young girl spending time
at a orphanage.

Why can we so openly support or not support one candidate or the other and yet not do our Christian duty and support our missionaries?  Why do we sit on Facebook and post memes about being Christians and not get out and walk that walk that we talk.  America is looking for something, longing for something, and in need of a serious reality check.  If you think your life is rough it might be but just the fact that you are reading this blog on the internet means you are far wealthier than most people in the world at large.  A friend and fellow missionary said to me once after going back to the states for an extended period, “America is like Disneyland and Mexico is the real world”.  I love that statement and it very much applies here.  We are riding the latest ride in a never-ending Disneyland world where we have the latest entertainment in the form of a presidential election.

If we could just take a moment to really ponder what is going on in this world around us and what we can do as Christians to combat it I think you would see that posting Trump or Clinton’s latest gossip is paltry and sad.  Let us step out into the real world and make a difference.  It might be right around the corner where there is a soup kitchen or supporting a missionary or posting real stories on Facebook.  Whatever it is I would love if we could take our focus, our passion, our time and energy off of this election and put it where it belongs. In a world that we all know will eventually come to end our passion belongs in the lap of the God most high not on people that think they are.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Great High Priest.

Great High Priest.

Sometimes it feels as if God isn’t around or doesn’t care. Life can get really hard and you might feel alone. Take confidence. God understands our struggle. (Hebrews 4:14 “Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. 15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. 16 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”) Sometimes with life’s temptations, hardships and struggle, you can feel like God doesn’t understand. Jesus had to face the same kind of life that we do. God asked Jesus to do things He didn’t want to do as well. (Luke 26: 39  Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”) God allowed Himself to go through the same hardship that we face. It was struggle of not getting real answers from the Father when he felt He needed them. Can you imagine facing the cross with real questions and getting no solid answers? I know many people who have faced problems and hardships in life that won’t ever have their questions answered on this side of heaven. Sometimes you are just left with having to reconcile the fact that God is good, in spite of how you feel. God understands, and only He really knows the reasons He allows things. He Himself submitted to the same struggle we all have in life. He does care and does love us. Like Job, you might face things in life that you don’t understand or feel have a purpose. Job never got to read job chapter one where God explains why things happen the way that they do. Job was just left with God saying in the end, that Job (in spite of all of the hardship in life) can trust God. I don’t think that God treats us very differently. I haven’t ever met a person that doesn’t know what struggle is. The good thing is that this isn’t it. Earth isn’t all there is, and there is a place of rest waiting for those who are Gods sheep. God’s sheep should trust the shepherd. He truly understands and does have a reason for things even though, until we see Him face to face, we might not know why that is this side of eternity. 

Daniel Martin.